Congratulations to the following players on your selection to the League Age U10/11 Allstars Teams

Benjamin Andrieux-Dibben – Concord
Ren Adachi – Macquarie
Ryan Bell – Wests Boomers
Georgia Benson – Stealers
Joseph Browning – Stealers
Oren Burch – Wests Boomers
Jessica Burnett – Greenway
Boaz Durnell – Rangers
Nicholas Harding – West Boomers
Marcus Hedley – Kissing Point
Cameron Howay – Thornleigh
Josie Howlett – Stealers
Beckett Langdon – Wests Boomers
James Lineen – Kissing Point
Jordan Lowe – Rangers
Kimi Miyamoto-Soong – Thornleigh
Christian Morrison – Rangers
Matthew Nutall – Rangers
Felix Peng – North Ryde
Hunter Pollock – Thornleigh
Abe Race – Wests Boomers
Ryan Reekie – North Ryde
Cash Robinson – Wests Boomers
Kai Stacey – Greenway
Lucas Trattles – North Ryde
Joel Tristram – Stealers
Zachary Walsh – Thornleigh
Liam Worne – Thornleigh

You will all be contacted shortly to arrange training sessions, and will be notified of teams and coaches.