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Junior Hawks Coaches Code of Conduct

The coach of a team may be the second most influential person in a player’s life. Coaches, through their own behaviour (on and off the field) have an enormous impact on the development of young players. In establishing a solid foundation of character building with players, the key responsibility of any coach is to lead by example. This holds true at all levels of development. The responsibilities and duties of a coach are not simple and should be dealt with in a professional manner. For these reasons RHBL endorses BA Code of Ethics for all coaches participating in BA, BNSW and RHBL endorsed and organised tournaments, development programs and special events. These principles are considered practicable and are within the aims and objectives of this Federation.

  • Provide supervision of the behaviour of the team at all times.
  • Do not criticise players in front of spectators, parents and other teams. Review constructive criticism with a player in private or in the presence of the team.
  • Accept decisions of the umpire as being fair and called to the best of their ability. Do not abuse or ridicule the umpire nor allow your players to do so.
  • Develop team respect for opponents, spectators and officials. Do not criticise other teams, supporters or officials by words or gestures.
  • Set a good example in personal appearance and behaviour.
  • Encourage sportsmanlike behaviour among the players.
  • Ensure whenever possible all players have equal time on the diamond. Avoid overplaying the talented players – the average players need and deserve equal time.
  • Encourage players to work together as a unified group (teamwork).
  • Keep yourself informed of sound coaching principles and seek more skilled advice when necessary.
  • Encourage your team to hustle on and off the playing field at all times.
  • Place the welfare and development of the individual above a winning or losing record.
  • Do not embarrass your opponents.
  • Do not use any form of tobacco or alcohol of any description on the field, in the dugouts, bullpens or while in uniform.
  • Whenever possible, provide assistance with coaching expertise and knowledge to developing teams.
  • Abide by the tournament rules and regulations established by BA.
  • Be aware of any player with medical problems.
  • Strive to develop a positive image and self sufficient attitude with each player.