RHBL Director of Technical Officials for the RHBL will support and develop umpires within the Ryde Hawks Baseball League.


  • Provide support for all Umpires officiating in the area of RHBL
  • Promote umpire development
  • Coordinate umpires for RHBL Representative teams
  • Provide a mentoring program for junior umpires to extend their knowledge and experience to continue their officiating career.
  • Advise RHBL on initiatives to support umpire development

In line with our Competition Rules, the RHBL may appoint umpires for any game in the RHBL and Div 1 finals at the end of the season.

For club games, the allocation of umpires will remain with the respective club. If required the RHBL Umpire director can enquire if umpires are available to fill slots, but only under special circumstances.

Early in the season, Game Management Courses are run. Follow this link to see when they are next available.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance please feel free to email the RHBL Director of Technical Officials using the form below, giving your details and the assistance you need.

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