The role of the Coach in Baseball is critical to the enjoyment of the children with whom they spend so much time. It is a rewarding and sometimes thankless task and consumes a large amount of time which is all given voluntarily. No matter what level of competition the Coach is involved with, the level of commitment is still the same.

Ryde Hawks is committed to ensuring that the Coach has a satisfying and rewarding experience as well as providing the best possible coaching standard to the players. To do this there are several initiatives that are available to Coaches.

  • RHBL will ensure the Coach is accredited to the appropriate level. Currently there are 3 main accreditation levels
    • Level A – Non-Live Ball ( T-Ball & Rookie)
    • Level B – Live Ball
    • Level C – Club Coach or Representative
  • All information and requirement are at this link
  • Currently, there is only Level A competency available, Level B will be available in Late November 2020 with Level C by the end of the season
  • Your Club will work with you to achieve the level you want
  • Follow the link above to find out useful Training & Coaching tips
  • Specialised Skills Clinics will be held throughout the year. the RHBL is committed to Coaching Development at all levels

For now, contact your Club delegate for details about our next courses.

You can follow the Baseball NSW links to start the online components anytime.