Officials Code of Conduct

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Officials Code of Conduct

All team officials (coaches, executive officer, scorer and umpire) who are involved with Baseball NSW Junior Representative Squads are committed to the following Code of Conduct.

Please read it carefully

As a team official I will:

  • Ensure all press statements have Baseball NSW approval.
  • Keep myself informed of sound coaching principles and seek more skilled advice when necessary.
  • Accept decisions of the umpire as being fair, and called to the best of their ability. I will not abuse or ridicule the umpire,
    or allow players to do so.
  • Play by the rules of the competition.
  • Provide supervision of the behaviour of the squad at all times.
  • Encourage sportsmanlike behaviour among the players.
  • Always consider the health and welfare of the individual player above the winning of the game.
  • Not consume / use any unapproved substances on or adjacent to the playing and training areas. This includes cigarettes, alcohol, chewing tobacco, or drugs (other than those legally prescribed by a physician).
  • Seek medical advice when determining when an injured player can return to training or competition.
  • Not criticise other teams, supporters or officials, by word or gesture.
  • Control my temper. I recognize that swearing or verbal abuse of umpires will not be tolerated.
  • Not criticise players in front of spectators, parents or other teams.
  • Ensure all players have a fair share of time on the diamond.
  • Set a good example in my personal appearance and behaviour.
  • Encourage my team to hustle on and off the playing field.
  • Treat all players with respect at all times. Be fair, considerate, honest and consistent with them.
  • Refrain from conduct which could be regarded as harassment towards players, coaches, parents or other officials.
  • Be acutely aware of the power that you as an official have with players and other participants and avoid any sexual intimacy with players that could develop as a result.
  • Avoid situations which could be regarded as compromising.
  • Accept responsibility for all actions taken.
  • Avoid situations which may lead to a conflict of interest.
  • Ensure any physical contact with players is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the skill development.

I understand that the sportsmanship required of me demands that I will:

  • Applaud all good plays from either team
  • Never embarrass our opponents.
  • Never deliberately provoke a member of the opposing team.
  • Will accept the decisions of the umpires as being fair and called to the best of their ability. I will not abuse or ridicule the umpire, or allow my team to do so.
  • Will not abuse equipment.
  • Enforce the Baseball NSW Players Code of Conduct.
You are bound by this code whenever you represent Baseball NSW