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Representative Team Selection Policy



1.  Preamble

1.1. Pursuant to Clause 20.1 of the Constitution, RHBL established its Representative Committee.

1.2. The role of this Committee is to manage and operate the RHBL Representative and Development programs in conjunction with the RHBL Development Officers.

1.3. This policy covers selection for all RHBL Representative and Development teams, as well as Winter Development Squads.

1.4. The object of this policy is to select athletes to represent the RHBL in various competitions in which Representative teams participate.

1.5. This policy has been developed in accordance with, and endorses and adheres to, the Equal Opportunity Policy of the Australian Sports Commission.

2.  General Provisions

2.1. This policy does not differentiate between genders or ability.

2.2. References throughout this document to “RHBL Representative team or squad” equate to any age teams or squads. Age teams or squads are those made up of players under the age of 16 years.

2.3. This policy may be amended or supplemented by the RHBL at its discretion in order to achieve this objective and specifically where matters arise which, in the sole discretion of the RHBL Representative Committee (RHBLRC) or Executive, have not been provided for in this policy or where the literal application of this policy would not achieve this objective.

2.4. Any variation or amendment must be in writing given by the RHBLRC on behalf of the RHBL who will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to all persons affected by any amendment or supplement to this policy.

3.  General Provisions

3.1. Individuals must be a registered financial member of a RHBL baseball club or financial member of RHBL.

3.2. All individuals are to wear either club or neutral baseball attire.

3.3. No RHBL, Baseball NSW, ABF representative apparel or the apparel of other responsible baseball body is permitted at trials. This includes, caps, playing shirts, training shirts, slickers and jackets.

3.4. Any player who arrives in any representative clothing will be asked to remove the apparel, or they will not be permitted to trial.

3.5. A code of conduct form is to be read and signed by each player or, if under the age of 18 years, by one parent or legal guardian of each player.

3.6. A registration form is to be submitted to the RHBL by the designated date.

3.7. On the day registrations will be accepted, subject to available spaces.

4.  Club Loyalty by Representative Players

4.1. A Representative Player will be ineligible to represent Ryde Hornsby as a Rep Player for a period of 12 months if they changeclubs, unless:

  • they have significantly and genuinely changed address;
  • there is no A Grade side in the relevant age Division at their original club;
  • extenuating circumstances may be brought before the RHBLRC, which may, with the approval of the original club, agree not to enforce.

5.  Requirements of Clubs in the Selection Process of RHBL Rep Teams

5.1. Clubs are to ensure that players are registered on ‘My Club’.

5.2. All player details on ‘My Club’ are to be up-to-date and accurate.

5.3. Clubs are to provide proof of registration when required to do so by the RHBL, Head Coach or team official.

5.4. Provide volunteers and/or administrative assistance as required on trial days.

6.  Requirements of RHBL in the Selection Process of RHBL Rep Teams

6.1. RHBL will provide standardised assessment sheets for all trials.

6.2. RHBL in collaboration with RHBL Head Coach to appoint accredited Coaches to assist at trials.

6.3. RHBL will provide a coordinator to manage the trial day operations, so as to allow Head Coach, Coaches, Selectors and Trainers to focus on assessing players.

6.4. RHBL to organise volunteers to assist with recording trial scores on the day.

6.5. RHBL will notify all affiliated clubs of the closing date for registrations and will post the date and related information on its website.

6.6. RHBL will ensure all trialling players are made aware of the following information:

  • (A) A copy of this policy
  • (B) A copy of the Player Code of Conduct form

6.7. RHBL will obtain from all coaches, selectors, and all other persons who come in contact with players under the age of 18 years all appropriate disclosures under child protection policies and regulations, as well as signed acknowledgement of codes of conduct from coaches and selectors.

6.8. Inform those athletes trialling and their parents/guardians of the estimated costs involved should their child gain selection.

7.  Requirements of RHBL Coaching Staff in the Selection Process of RHBL Rep Teams

7.1. To ensure the team has a balanced group of athletes in specialist and generalist playing positions, enabling development of a team which matches with the desired playing approaches and strategies.

7.2. Inform individuals that are trialling, what is required and expected of them during the trials.

7.3. Provide a brief summary of how the selection process works, the trial format, what the selectors will be looking for and any other information that may relate to the trail process.

7.4. To ensure that all individuals are given a fair opportunity to showcase their skills within the given trial period.

8.  Team/Squad Selection & Ratification

8.1. All teams will be selected giving consideration to the following:

  1. Speed
  2. Skill
  3. Batting ability
  4. Fielding ability
  5. Throwing ability
  6. Pitching/ Catching ability
  7. Personal attitude
  8. Personal presentation
  9. Likely team dynamics
  10. The needs of the team will always be considered ahead of the individual

8.2. All teams selected will be subject to ratification/endorsement by the RHBL Representative Committee, and the team members will be informed of selection, by the RHBL via the RHBL website (www.rhbl.com.au).

9.  Additions to Teams/Squads

9.1. The coaching staff subject to the endorsement of the RHBL Representative Committee and Executive, may add to the squad at any stage, subject to those athletes selected satisfying the requirements of players as stated in this policy.

10.  Over Riding Factors

(Illness/Misadventure/Extenuating Circumstances)

10.1. In considering the performance of athletes at trials or other attendances required under this policy, the selectors may, in their discretion, give weight to extenuating factors.

10.2. Athletes unable to compete at trials must advise the coaching staff in writing of this fact and the reasons, before the commencement of the trials or other attendances required under this policy.

10.3. In the case of illness or injury, athletes will be required to undergo a medical examination by a doctor or provide a doctor’s certificate to that effect.

10.4. In the case of bereavement, equipment failure, travel delays or other extenuating circumstance, a decision will be made by the selection panel on an individual basis.

11.  Removal From Squad or Team

11.1. Any player who:

  • breaches or fails to observe this policy;
  • by reason of illness or injury is unable to perform to the required standard in the opinion of the selection panel (after received advice from a medical practitioner);
  • fails to observe the RHBL Code of Conduct;
  • fails to adhere fully to the specified training program;

is ineligible for selection or continued membership of a squad or team as the case may be.

12.  Appeals

12.1. The RHBL Representative Committee, or its appointed selection panel will hear all appeals.

12.2. The sole grounds for any appeal are that this policy was not properly followed and/or implemented. There is no right of appeal against a decision made by the selection panel.

12.3. All notices of appeals are to be made in writing within 48 hours of announcement of the team/squad and be addressed to the RHBL Representative Committee Chairman.

12.4. A deposit of $100.00 must accompany all notices of appeal. If the appeal is dismissed or found to be frivolous, the deposit will not be refunded.

12.5. RHBLRC will convene a hearing as soon as possible after the submission of the grounds of appeal. The hearing may occur in such a manner as the Chairman decides, including telephone or video conferencing. RHBL is not bound by rules of evidence but must observe the principles of procedural fairness.

12.6. No legal representation is permitted for the appellant in relation to the conduct of the appeal.

13.  Selection/Trial Format

13.1. Representative selection process will comprise of either one, or all of the following:

  1. Development program – winter development etc
  2. PlayerAssessment – tournaments (Gala Days, Coasties, Timberjacks etc)
  3. Open Trials – 1 or 2 day event

13.2. Representative and Winter Development open trials will comprise of either a 1 or 2 day event.

13.3. Trial Day 1 – Test Day. All attendees will be required to undergo tests which may include some of all of the following:

  1. Speed / Sprints
  2. Arm strength
  3. Infield throwing and catching
  4. Outfield throwing and catching
  5. Hitting

13.4. Trial Day 2 – Positions. All attendees will be placed in their positions and observed in a ‘game style’ environment.

13.5. Subsequent Trial Days – will be conducted as per guidelines determined by the Head Coach.

14.  Representative Team/Squad Training

14.1. All Representative team or squad training sessions are MANDATORY.

14.2. Players selected in a Representative team or squad must make every effort to attend all scheduled training sessions, and adhere fully to the specified training program.

14.3. Representative State Cup teams train twice a week – Monday and Thursday.

14.4. Representative Development teams train once a week -Thursday (or a day nominated by the team Head Coach).

14.5. Additional training sessions may be included, as required by the RHBL or team Head Coach.

14.6. Additional costs may incur (per representative player) for the use of external training facilities (indoor batting cages and pitching etc) or specialised coaching clinics.